Welcome to Center on Budget and Policy

The Centre on Budget and Policy is based at the Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka working as a research, training and policy advocacy institution.

The primary focus of the Centre is on national and local budget, fiscal and monetary policies, macroeconomic issues and priority policies of government. The Centre aims to contribute in the theoretical and empirical understanding of development process in Bangladesh and neighboring countries. The multifaceted nature of development questions demands the research to be interdisciplinary and therefore this Centre will incorporate a number of faculties from various disciplines. Poverty alleviation and economic growth will receive special focus in the Centre activities. The Centre intends to produce authoritative materials through these activities that are academic as well as accessible and responsive to issues facing the country.

Centre on Budget and Policy has also taken open budget survey and citizen budget as two of its core mandates. In addition, we also do collaborate with several civil society organizations like Oxfam, World Vision, Save the Children and few others in preparing budget analysis and briefs for informing both the legislatures and the citizenry in general. Moreover, we have also established strong linkage with the Budget Wing of the Ministry of Finance.



Professor Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin
University of Dhaka



Dr. Mohammed Abu Eusuf,
Department of Development Studies,
University of Dhaka (CV of Dr. Abu Eusuf)
Email: director@cbpbd.org